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WQS Series To Run In SA In 2017

It’s no secret that the South African surf scene is rich with raw talent, yet not since Jordy and Bianca qualified for the Dream Tour have we seen any of our surfers crack into the top 20 on the WQS rankings and challenge for a place on the biggest stage. Some have come close but ultimately have fallen short.
It could be debated that Saffa competitors are at a disadvantage because they don’t accumulate enough contest experience at home before pitting themselves against the best in the world, and that the WQS is too expensive to properly challenge. For example, while international surfers have a handful of lower-rated events in their backyard to earn the points required for a seeding into the QS6000 or QS10 000-rated comps, Saffas have to cough-up a huge amount of funds and travel halfway around the world to do the same.
Dylan Lightfoot is one of the SA hopefuls whose been grinding it out on the QS. © Ewing

JBay local Dylan Lightfoot is one of the SA hopefuls whose been grinding it out on the QS. © Ewing

That changed a little this year with the introduction of the WQS1000-rated Vans Surf Pro in Lamberts Bay, and more good news has come in the form of the announcement of the City Surf Series, which is set to roll out along our coast in 2017.

Perhaps this will help kickstart a whole new generation of Saffa contenders.


Matthew McGillivray has done well for his rookie year on the WQS.

This series hopes to bring four QS1000’s and one QS3000 to all the major coastal metro’s of South Africa: 


07-09 April                  Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Pro           (Tentative)

15-17 April                  Buffalo City Surf Pro                                     (Tentative)

21-23 April                  Durban Surf Pro

09-11 June                 Cape Town Surf Pro

14-18 June                 SA Open of Surfing

The divisions being Open Men and Open Women with Pro Junior (U18) Men and Women categories as well. The series finale be held on Durban’s Golden Mile and QS3,000 rated. The SA Open of Surfing will offer a US$75,000 prize purse.

Davey Van Zyl destroying an insider. © Ewing

Davey Van Zyl destroying an insider. © Ewing

“I’m over the moon,” said KZN WQS campaigner, Beyrick De Vries, “I feel like it’s going to be the junior series all over again, but it’s not practice this time, it’s the main stage with world ranking points and prize-money to assist in international events too. The City Surf Series is a massive step in the right direction for South African surfing, and the timing couldn’t be more prefect with Tokyo 2020 on the horizon. Thank you sponsors and organisers for seeing the bigger picture.”

‘At each of the events Surfing South Africa and its structures will work with local surfing outreach groups and surf clubs to engage with less fortunate youth. This programme will take the form of ocean awareness clinics and grass roots competition. The goal of these initiatives is to take surfing to all communities and showcase it as a sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle in a positive safe environment.’


Tanika Hoffman is currently ranked 81 on the Women’s WQS. © WSL

*Featured Image By: Greg Ewing / Surfer: Beyrick De Vries

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