13 November, 2012 13 November, 2012

Wooden Wave – Make Your Own Wave Entry by Lee-Ann Rauch

These painstakingly handcrafted wooden ribs pieced together to form a perfect wave (complete with ripping wooden puppet), was made by Lee-Ann Rauch – one of the entrants into Zag’s MAKE YOUR OWN WAVE competition in association with Bosch / Dremel.

Earlier this year Zag once again laid down the gauntlet to you, our reader, inviting you to create the ultimate man-made wave – which could be anything from a sculpture to a mechanical model, a miniature sandbank that you build in a river or a funnelling carpet barrelling through your lounge. The only rules were that your creation had to be man-made in some way.

And with R26 000 worth of Bosch and Dremel tools up for grabs as incentive, we received a number of classic entries, including this one from Lee-Ann. You can check out the best entries here, from which the three winners will be decided.

1st Prize: R15,000 worth of Bosch/Dremel power tools
2nd Prize: R7,500 worth of Bosch/Dremel power tools
3rd Prize: R3,500 worth of Bosch/Dremel power tools

For those DIY fanatics that missed out on entering this year’s MAKE YOUR OWN WAVE competition, stay tuned for future Bosch/Dremel/Zag collabs.


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