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Winning Streak: with Jordy Maree

Cape Town Junior, Jordy Maree had a good Sunday. Not only did he repeat the feat by claiming his second Kalk Bay Shootout title in a row, but he also clinched victory at the Tiger’s Milk Classic down the road at Muizenberg on the same day. We caught up with Jordy to hear his thoughts on his winning streak – 6 heats, 4 hours, 2 finals and 2 wins later.

Jordy flew to victory at the Monster Kalk Bay Shootout on Sunday.

ZIGZAG: So it was a big weekend for you. How did you manage to win not one but two events in one day?
JORDY: It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I had my motorbike to zip between Kalk Bay and Muizenberg. My parents were also helping me to get to both locations on time and organising my schedule, so I couldn’t have done it without friends and family to help plan it and shuffle heats for me to arrive in time.

Tell us a bit about the action at the Kalk Bay Shootout? What were conditions like and who were your toughest competitors?
The waves were super fun – three to four foot sets and a few barrels going past. At Kalk Bay there is always something to entertain you; from the coffee shops and people, to the heavy reef break which we call Kalk Bay Reef. You never know what your local competitors are going to do, so every heat is hard to get through – especially because only first place in each heat advances and not the top two.

Meanwhile at Muizenberg, Jordy was killing it at the Tiger’s Milk Surf Classic

And the action at the Berg for the Tiger’s Milk comp? What were the conditions doing that side?
The contest was awesome. Amazing vibe and a great bunch of people. You always have the conditions to deal with when you’re surfing Muizenberg. It was really bad the first day at the Tiger’s Milk event and the water was almost black with this foam floating on top of the water. But people were still shredding even with the poor conditions. The second day had nice clean three foot waves and good turn sections. All the competitors on the final day stepped up their game and put on a show for all the spectators. It was great to be a part of!

Equipment wise, what were you riding and did you use the same boards for both events?
Yeah DVG is always on it. He has been helping me for years to get the best equipment possible to compete. I had two DVG boards under my feet for the comps, which were feeling good. I really liked the one board and Plan A was to surf it in both contests. But I had a Plan B just in case I couldn’t, which was to leave a board in Kalk Bay with Chris Bond my coach to look after, then have a board ready at Muizenberg. Fortunately the traffic wasn’t bad at all, so I got to stick to Plan A and surf my best board in both contests, which was ideal.

Jordy shredding on his magic board.

You returned home from a Zag mission into remote Africa just a few days prior to the events. Did that trip have anything to do with your winning streak back home?
One thing for sure is that we got a lot of practice in the water over there. Surfing three times a day for hours with Simon Fish and the talented Greg Ewing taking the shots was epic. And we can’t forget about Will Bendix doing the hard job of filming everything. I think the trip definitely helped my confidence a bit, because I used the same board to surf in the contest that I’d used for the trip to the deep dark continent.

And without giving too much away, how was the trip?
Wow, I can’t explain how amazing the surf trip was; perfect left point breaks and tropical water. To add to this I had an amazing crew with Simon, Greg and Will. It was pure adventure from the car ride that almost killed us about 20 times to the crazy left sand bottom point breaks. Just a true surfing adventure!

Stretching between heats on Sunday.

Lastly, what are your plans next year as far as your competitive surfing is concerned? Are you planning on taking a crack at the Qualifying Series?
The QS will be a big part of next year for sure. I’ll be trying to sort out sponsorship and finance to back me up in order to get to the events, so that I can try qualify for the tour ASAP. Hard work and training will be key to qualifying. But on the other hand, I’d also really like to make a few short clips and, maybe some time in the future, become a free surfer and produce video clips just like Brendon Gibbens has done! That would be rad!

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