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Win 50K Through the ‘Road to Highline’

Corona x Parley for the oceans are pleased to present the Road to the Highline, an initiative to catalyze eco-innovation in the South African surf community and build awareness around the global issue of marine plastic pollution, as part of our collaborative commitment to implement the Parley AIR Strategy (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign) and drive innovative solutions around the world.
The average surfboard is comprised of petroleum-based products that are toxic for our environment, and similar to single-use plastic, many surfboards are used for a short period but persist polluting our environment long after we’re gone. The eco-surf movement is growing in South Africa, and the Road to the Highline is aimed at stoking the fire of that community and to improve and revolutionize the surfboards being ridden. By encouraging South Africa’s best surfers to jump on boards that are less detrimental to the environment, while pushing the level of surfing in a dedicated competition, we foster an expedited adoption of ECOBOARDS by the South African surfing community and beyond. 
This contest awards the best-documented performance on an ECOBOARD in South Africa from now until June 24th. To be eligible for use in the Road to the Highline contest, surfboards must meet the minimum requirements to become a certified Level One “ECOBOARD”, as outlined in Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project program.

Contestants must submit a clip briefly highlighting their ECOBOARD’S performance, and the top five finalists will be decided by user-driven votes on an online platform, and the final winner will be decided by a panel of VIP judges. The contest will culminate at the Corona Open J-Bay on the WSL Championship Tour (July 2-13), where the winner will be announced and awarded 50,000 ZAR during the live broadcast of the Corona Highline speciality heat.  

The Road To the Highline is more than just a great excuse to create more ocean-friendly surfboards. It is a way to collaborate with existing ocean-aware local communities, shapers, and surfers to provide community-generated participation and inspiration. The project is yet another messenger and manifestation of the Parley AIR Strategy by Avoiding 100% petroleum-based boards, Intercepting via utilization of recycled materials, and Redesigning by implementing cutting-edge technology to create a fleet of ECOBOARDS.  It is the latest collaboration in the Corona x Parley mission to protect our oceans and drive eco-innovation in our communities, with much more news to come.


Please submit video footage of the wave ridden or an edited version of all waves ridden to the following link for Road to Highline Submissions link 


Any questions regarding Corona x Parley please contact Mike Long via email

Any questions regarding local support, contest rules and regulations for Road to the Highline please contact:


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