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Why Hawaii? Here’s Why.

It’s not called the greatest show on earth for nothing. Cue up the popcorn, put your Netflix series on hold, make sure your internet provider is all systems go because the Hawaiian season is about to begin.

Cover Image: Spex

Matty McG Could Qualify

Matty McG has sneakily snuck under all our noses and emerged 26th on the QS tour heading into the two final QS 10 000 events of the season. For his first full year on the QS, that’s pretty damn good going. 

Generally speaking, one looks at the top 30 people on the QS going into the Triple Crown (unless you’re Dusty Payne). McG lies at number 26th on the QS and would need two good results at both the Hawaiian Pro and Sunset Beach to even consider qualification, but my guy, have you seen Matty surf lately? Do yourself a dirty and have a scroll through Matty’s Insta G, in particular, his third Instagram post where he lays it on rail like a demon from hell, or in Matty’s case, an angel from heaven. It’s the type of surfing that would have Jordy Smith worried to draw him in a heat. Maybe Jordy should be surfing his dad’s boards!

Matty Mc G won the opening QS event of the 2018 season and hasn’t looked back since. He now lies 26th on the QS with the two QS 10 ooo’s to go. Could he get on a roll and qualify? Only time will tell. Best you tune in. Image: WSL/Laurent Masurel

The Boys are Ready for Hawaii.

If you watch much of the Hawaiian leg, your ears will be filled (to the brim) with Hawaiian nationalist tendencies. Just wait until Dave Wassel hits the mic and you’ll know all about it. Even the thought of a Ukulele will make you feel ill. There are certain times where it feels like the only people who could win heats on Hawaiian soil are Hawaiians themselves. That’s why it’s absolutely delightful to see non-Hawaiians do well on the 7 Mile Miracle. And oh how wonderful it was to see the boys Beyrick, Slade, Matty and DVZ kill it at the HIC Pro, Sunset Beach. The boys went wild, taking down big names like they were lumberjacks with motorised saws in a Canadian forest, tearing down massive maple trees like they were small shrubs. 

Beyrick had this to say after his third place result at the HIC Pro, “There’s a definite new energy within the South Africans. It feels like we’re pushing each other, we know how good each of us surfs, so we surf heats to beat each other and end up making heats together.  We don’t wanna loose to each other and we definitely don’t want to lose to anybody else!” – ahhh we love it, boys. The Rand may be weak, but our hearts are strong. (That’s a really cheesy line, but we’re going to role with it anyway!)

A scowl that would terrify the meanest of Hawaiians. Image: WSL/Matt Dunbar

The Drama

Hawaii is dramatic. It’s like watching a telenovela starring Penélope Cruz. You feel a new emotion around every corner. We remember in particular when Trav Logie got knocked off the tour. It was his final heat at Pipeline and he could barely stick a takeoff. In the interview afterward, Trav was on the verge of tears, holding back those tear ducts with everything inside of him. Barely keeping it together. Travis made a comeback and re-qualified, but damn was that an emotional interview to watch!

The ups and downs of a Hawaiian season are second to none. Homies are getting the waves of their lives, careers begin, careers end, world champions are crowned, huge waves, big airs, sponsorship deals, lives lost, lives found. Hawaii is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and it’s better and more intense than a Spanish soap opera, we promise you that.

We wouldn’t expect anything less than drama from Gabby Medina. Image: WSL/Cestari

JJF and the G.O.A.T. Return

The tour’s been missing a particular personality, i.e. John John Florence. Ever since JJF injured himself in Bali busting big airs, we’ve thoroughly missed his no bars approach in the world of competitive surfing. Gabby made haste with JJF’s decision to take the rest of the year off, and chess moved his way into the yellow jersey. We’re frothing to see JJF return to competition on home soil. And on a side note and certainly something to ponder on: does Kelly Slater have the WSL by the balls? When the waves suck his foot’s injured, but when the event suits, his foot is miraculously healed! Did he find a magic oil? Does anybody know what the real state of the GOAT’s hooves are? Is there a medical doctor on hand?

“When the waves suck his foot’s injured, but when the event suits, his foot is miraculously healed!” Image: WSL/Cestari


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