19 March, 2020 19 March, 2020

WATCH: When Tand Pulls a Tand

Ian Thurtell gives us a little behind the scenes look at what happens when Tand bites back. 

So basically, the spot doesn’t work in summer. Or rather should I say hardly ever during summer. Wind and swell need to be just right.  It was actually one of those freak two wind scenarios, where it was onshore in CPT but offshore further up, bonus. Luke was actually coming off a pretty gnarly groin injury and was saving himself for this wave. The guy loves the wave, froth monster. Jordy Talbot came along for the ride, he had surfed there during December.

Summer swells are hard to read, especially up the coast so I was just hoping we weren’t gonna get skunked…. but I kept that from the lads (laughs). So when we first got there the tide was way too low. A couple boogas just tuned ‘naught don’t even bother’. I myself was in agreeance with the boog tribe, that was until Hankus arrived.

The man came in HOT. ‘Yeeeeuw’ing’ all over the place which just hyped everyone up. Luckily I was able to hold them back for another 45. It was spring tide tho, so the tides were pushing super fast. Up until all the drama, it was a standard sick session ey. The guys were getting waves, vibes were high. Just good times in the water.

Cover Image – Alla Horton


Hankus went on a wave, kinda just got foamed over and then disappeared. Like I couldn’t see the guy but assumed all was good. I thought maybe he’d got cold and paddled in. I didn’t really think much of it. Pretty soon after that, Luke got suplexed onto his ass by a wave and straight away I knew something was up. So I paddled over and asked what was wrong. He immediately tuned he had a problem and it was his back. Oh no. Luke couldn’t even talk he just kinda made these winded pirate noises. 

Right about then my stomach sank a little and I knew this could potentially be a serious problem. As Hankus himself said, you don’t want to have an injury up here cause it’s really a helluva mission getting in and out coupled with a bumpy road. So now as we were leaving we got waved down by Allan Horton and Hankus, this is when I found out that Hankus had a suspected leg break. Holy crap. That was my first thought. Shit had very much hit the fan at this point. 

End of the day, I am just so thankful that Luke wasn’t as badly injured as I’d thought. He should go buy a lotto ticket today, cause his ass is lucky! Big thanks to everyone who helped out on the day and at the time. The surf community at its finest. 


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