12 July, 2017 12 July, 2017

Welcome to the Corona Open J-Bay

Spent anytime in Jeffreys Bay outside the Corona Open J-Bay, or when there’s no swell predicted? You’ll know, the town’s dead, tumble weeds blowing down the main road, people drudging round, nothing to do, nothing to say, the colours of the buildings fade to an uninspiring grey. But as soon as there’s a swell on the map, suddenly everyone lights up, the sun’s rays seem brighter than usual and the tumble weeds are whisked away by that sweet South Westerly. Everyone begins to talk about the upcoming swell. You’ll walk into Spar, and someone will be like, “Hey bro, have you seen the swell that’s coming!?” You’ll go to Nina’s for dinner and the waiter will deliver your gluten free pizza, spring in his step, smiling ear to ear,” Duuuude, have you seen that swell!!??” hell, even the petrol attendants will be waxing their step-ups between delivering petrol and washing your windows. But come to J-Bay during the Corona Open J-Bay, line that waiting period up with a swell, and the whole town turns into cloud nine. It feels like you’ve died and gone to heaven. Luckily this year, that’s exactly what’s going down, with the beginning of next week looking like it’s going to be sick as!

Welcome to the Corona Open J-Bay, buckle up, cause this year’s ganna be epic.

Scroll down, and view the images from this morning’s free surf session out at Supertubes. A gallery that’s more than worthy of your time.

All images: Greg Ewing

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