19 November, 2013 19 November, 2013

We Want YOU on the Cover – Cover Me 2 Comp Still Going Off

Along with GoPro, we’ve once again blown the field wide open by inviting any SA surfer to take a crack at putting themselves on the coveted page 1 of Zigzag. All you have to do is nail your ultimate GoPro shot, and you’re in contention. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro, working class hero or underground charger – anyone is eligible.


To ensure magazine quality images, set your GoPro on hi-res photo mode and fire away (frame grabs from a video are not going to cut it). You can shoot yourself or others – the only condition is your entry must be shot on a GoPro (verifiable through the original file) and you have to be a SA citizen. There is no limit on creativity or angles employed, but our photo editor can sniff a chooked pic a mile away. Any doctored images beyond basic colour correction will be immediately disqualified and the culprit sentenced to a lifetime of drop-ins by SUPs.

Here are a couple of rad entries that have already been submitted:

The contest remains open until the 1 January 2014 and entries are unlimited. Simply upload your photos on www.shotbru.co.za or send direct to avg@zigzag.co.za.

Once the contest ends a panel of judges will select 10 finalists, who will appear in the magazine, as well as one winner. That winner will appear on the cover of Zigzag, score an interview inside the mag and a lifetime of fame, glory and set waves.

Kevin Olsen was in the running with this entry in 2012/2013.


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