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[Watch] ZagTV Throwback

Behold a plethora of surfing entertainment from days gone by. Including highlights from an epic day of surfing at the 2016 JBU Supertrial, runaway freight trains in Namibia, pumping waves out in Indo’s Telo Island, prework drainers in Durban, a stretch up the Weskus and finally a venture up north to visit the Neighbours in Mozambique.

Highlights from an epic day of surfing at the 2016 JBU Supertrial where Supertubes delivered corduroy perfection throughout the competition. Jeffrey’s Bay local Steven Sawyer surfed his way from round one to take out the win over 24 of the countires most popular surfers. Steezy, the first goofyfoot surfer to win the Supertrial, earned himself the highly prized Wildcard into the 2016 WSL J-Bay Open and a whole lot of Supertubes street cred.

Film – Dane Staples & John Van Vliet
Edit – Dane Staples
Drone – John Van Vliet

The Donkey. Like it’s namesake, it’s slow to action, almost stubborn, and takes it’s time to hit the sweet spot. But, when it hits, it’s a runaway freight train.

Of course, there are no guarantees, even with advanced forecasting services at our disposal, and especially when you’re dealing with nature. But, damn it, it’s as much a part of the mission as is letting your tires down, rolling down the sandy track and witnessing the almost mechanical, and terrifying, perfection of the Donkey in full swing.

Footage – Michael Veltman & Douw Steyn
Edit by – Michael Veltman

Grant Twiggy Baker gets invited out to Indo’s Telo Island Surf Lodge to sample some of the finest waves on offer around the small Island.

Filmed by Kate Lovemore-Baker and edited by ZagTV.

The usual to-do list was put on hold for a handful of surfers in Durban on a Monday gone by, as they took on a solid swell that lit up New Pier.

Filmed and Edited by Calvin Thompson

Conceptualised by Michael Veltman ‘Slowmocean’ aims to capture a handful of the countries’ most iconic breaks and those that take’em on! Slowing down the clock you’re able to get a real feel for the rawness of the break in question. Each episode will feature a different location bringing

Filmed and edited – Michael Veltman


Mozam is a surfer’s dream with warm, tropical water and some of southern Africa’s sickest waves. As a result, the well-known spots can get crowded, so our crew skipped those for somewhere difficult to get to: paradise.

Filmed by: Ryan Janssens

Edit by: Sundust Films

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