13 December, 2018 13 December, 2018

WATCH: Tanner fights Rodrigues

In the blue corner, sporting a wirey Hawaiian frame we have Tanner Hendrickson. Rumour has it the man can deadlift an entire breakfast buffet, one-handed, all while juggling 4 coconuts. Then, fighting out of the red corner, the feisty and firey Brazillian, Michael Rodrigues. According to his trainer, Mike Tyson, not the face tattoo guy but the other one, M-Rod crushes back 37 raw eggs every day, salmonella and all before rollerblading backwards down the promenade. No judgement, cardio is cardio. 

Well, recently the two had an old-fashioned playground brawl before the Pipe Invitational, which lead to The World Surf League provisionally suspending Tanner Hendrickson from all professional surfing competitions. Gnarly bro, gnarly!!

In a nutshell, the Hawaiian ‘attacked’ Rodrigues on the North Shore of Oahu. If you haven’t seen the video, lol,  klap a little finger stretch and scroll down, bro!

Both surfers have been having a barney with each other for a some time, apparently, with shit first hitting the fan in the Azores a couple years back.

According to Tanner, the fight was premeditated and the Brazilian had been giving him kak. Rodrigues has since spoken out about it all, on Instagram, obviously!!

Tanner Hendrickson is competing on the Qualifying Series (QS) since 2009. This year, the surfer from Maui finished his QS season in 26th place. Michael Rodrigues, 24, hails from Fortaleza. He joined the CT as a rookie in 2018, and his best results were two fifth-place finishes on the Gold Coast, and Rio de Janeiro. Rodrigues is 14th on the CT rankings.

The WSL Rule Book underlines that “all forms of shoving, fighting, mutual combat or the like are considered violations” of Article 184.

In light of it all, I rate WSL should do what they do with everything, commercialize the shit out of the situation. Give the two some gum guards, draw a line in the sand and let them have at it!! Bareknuckle grudge match, we’d pay to see that! 100% more entertaining than that Surf Ranch shit show!!

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