23 July, 2020 23 July, 2020

[Watch] Shane Sykes – Reach

Just before Covid-19 was in full tilt, Michael Veltman was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Western Australia with young, up and coming Saffa, Shane Sykes.

Their goal was to film enough for a short film as part two of ‘Reach’, Shane’s video series he’s been working towards this year. They woke up in the dark every morning. With coffee travel mugs in hand, drove the coastline checking every spot and doing their best to make the right call on where to surf that day.

On that stretch of coast, it’s so easy to just drive around for hours and miss the right window for the best waves. They’d often get to their chosen spot, paddle out, just to have the shark alarm go off and the boys be chased out the water.

With all that said, it’s safe to say, their hard work paid off.

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