23 April, 2021 23 April, 2021

[WATCH] Rip Curl – In The Band

Tom Curren is a rare bird of the surfing world, improving with age like a fine wine… and getting weirder and showing more of his originality all the time. Following on the success of his Free Scrubber vid, Tom now takes to the streets of San Francisco with Rip Curl juniors Conner Coffin and Mason Ho in tow. The band.

While the surfing is to be expected, this video draws a focus on Tom and Conner’s musical abilities, as they scramble to get Mason Ho to contribute out of the water, (percussion or harmonica). But what Mason Ho lacks musically, he more than makes up for on a wedge of fibregless.

All in all ‘In the Band’ delivers a nice exploration of the cold Pacific waters of Northern California and San Francisco’s musical heritage. From windy beachies to cliffside wedges, from Janis Joplin’s dreaming tree to Jimi Hendrix’s red house, Tom, Conner and Mason busk their way through just about every corner of the foggy city.

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