25 January, 2019 25 January, 2019

Watch: Koa Rothman – “This is Livin”

Koa Rothman, it’s safe to say blew the f*****k up last year, lighting up Instagram and YouTube on the reg. The North Shore local literally traveled the globe chasing swell after swell after swell. This is a tell-all doccie, where you get a bit more insight and what it’s like to live the life we all dream of day in day out.

In less than 12 months, Rothman had the chance to chase huge swells and pop some serious bottles along the way. The brah got SHACKED in Fiji, Africa, Indonesia, Tahiti, California, and of course back home at the local. This homie has it all, the classic good looks, the charm of a fluffy pup and the balls of a camel that allow him to charge some serious blue pipe.

“This is Livin’: The Movie” is a collection of the best moments lived by Koa Rothman in 2018. You’ll witness plenty of surf riding moments, but also the classic dramas that surround a surf traveler’s life.

“I felt I had some really big shoes to fill with my brother being Makua Rothman, my dad Eddie Rothman. Growing up with Kala Alexander living next door, Kai ‘Borg’ Garcia, all Makua’s friends and pro surfers like Andy and Bruce Irons, I always felt that I had to do that. No one around me had a nine-to-five.”

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