13 September, 2018 13 September, 2018

Watch John John Florence’s New Film – Space

John John Florence. A name synonymous with modern day surfing. A man of the ocean, and a crowd favourite where ever his travels dictate. A couple of weeks ago the man announced the news that he would be dropping a new edit. Well, let’s just say the froth was palpable made even more so by the fact that JJF has been on the DL on account of his knee injury. When was it coming out? No idea. Zero clues, the social media posts only alluded to the fact that it would be coming soon. Anxiety levels were peaking… 

And then BOOM, “Space” dropped on to the radar for all to see. All 6 minutes of it. If you’re able to get through the entire thing without licking your chops once… Then slap yourself and try again!

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