5 March, 2019 5 March, 2019

Watch: Brendon Gibbens – Volume 2

‘Homebody’… remember that piece of aerial surfing gold that Brendon Gibbens dropped last year? Of course, you do! Between that and John John’s Space edit the game was changed forever… Since that edit, Brendon’s been hard at work banking footage for Banks Journal, his new sponsor. The word is there’s another cinematic delight in the pipes that ain’t just ripe to bite into. So you’ll have to settle for this barrel and boosting buffet from one of the countries finest.

January was quite a productive month in California. The excitement of a new year coupled with consistent surf resulted in optimistic energy. The footage accumulated at the beginning of 2019 is being saved for a future project. Stay tuned!” – Banks Journal

In the meantime, while we wait for what’s gonna be some serious heat from the flying Saffa, sink your chops into ‘Journal entry Vol.2’ starring Brendon Gibbens. It’s a reflection on the latter half of 2018. 

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