20 March, 2019 20 March, 2019

Watch – Beyrick VS Shane in #GameOfKook

We’re all familiar with the Game of SKATE, but a Game of KOOK? What’s that you ask?
Well as Mr. Beyrick De Vries states – “basically like SKATE, but in the ocean.”
A high vibes fun filled session of fresh challenges. But nobody wants to be a KOOK right?

To keep the flow going the following are the ‘official’ rules of Game of KOOK:

– Two surfers take each other on.
– A game of rock, paper, scissors determines who sets the first challenge.
– The next person sets the next trick.
– If you fail to do the challenge you get a letter.
– If you both fail then you both get a letter.
– If you both achieve the challenge then whoever does the weakest / lamest attempt gets the letter.
– Only 2 attempts per challenge.
– If it’s a tie break on the final ‘K’, the first person to complete the trick is the winner.
– First person to K.O.O.K is the looser

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