7 October, 2020 7 October, 2020

[Watch] Best of Monster Combo Round 1

Round 1 – FIGHT!

Time to get out of the kitchen as things are heating up in Round one of the Monster Combo. With Public Voting set to open in a couple of days why not pay homage to a handful of the best rides so far in the competition. On the 12th of September the judges, you included, will have their say as to who’s gonna take it away and be declared the first monthly winner on the 2020 campaign!

How To Enter:

To enter your videos, please send the raw video footage to comps@zigzag.co.za via WeTransfer.com. Or if you’re lazy simply ping it through and slide into our DMs!

Entry Must Include:

Name of the surfer
Name of the videographer
Date surfed
Location / Region



  • Only video submissions will be accepted
  • Open to Southern African citizens of all ages inclusive of Mozambique & Namibia
  • Submissions must be surfed in 2020
  • Any footage submitted as an entry to the Monster Combo and which is subsequently uploaded to the surfer’s unique social media platform (Facebook or Instagram) must tag both @zigzagsurf & @monsterenergy as well as use the #monstercombo2020 tag.
  • Public votes will be open for the last 3 days of each month.
  • For all the details of the competition right here

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