30 January, 2019 30 January, 2019

Watch: Benji Brand in ‘HANDODAT’

If you’ve been keeping your ears to the ground of late, hell even if you haven’t, you’d know that Pipeline has been absolutely firing the last month.

In the wake of some truly cranking surf out on the 7 Mile Miracle we find “Handodat,” where former Kommetjie lad Benji Brand and his two chomma Josh & Seth Moniz gooi themselves into some blue whale sized pits on the North Shore. 

After watching it, members here in the office where left twitching, and had to sniff some siff wetsuit juice to wake up from getting punched in the tempal by what they witnessed. It was brutal, beautiful and down right badass!!! 

Brace yourself for more Pipelin as the Volcom Pipe Pro is in its waiting period and the forecast is looking skeeeeetz.

HANDODAT from Hammah Time on Vimeo.

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