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VW SA Open of Surfing – Day 3

Hopefully, by now you’re aware that these Zigzag reports on contests are straight up honest. We respect you. We respect your opinion. So we’re straight up with you about the day’s happenings. That being said, day three of the VW SA Open of Surfing presented by Hurley was one of the most exciting days of competition we’ve experienced all year long! It was a doozy of a day. If it was a movie, it would’ve been in the running for an Oscar.

Jordan Lawler gets compressed.

The start of the day was a struggle, but by the time the men’s open division entered the lineup, Pipeline lit up like a Christmas tree in a first world country and the boys sent it. Here are four of our favourite performances of the day.

All images the mighty Ian ‘Hawk Man’ Thurtell.

Sheldon Simkus – The Blitzer
When Matty Mc G enters the lineup, we make certain we’re in viewing distance. But McG struggled to get the ball rolling at his old local, now used to the open walls and power offered by his second love, Magnatubes. But as the rest of the field also struggled to find good waves at the tricky Pipeline, it was Sheldon Simkus who turned trash into treasure. The Pipeline is no J-Bay. J-Bay you can spot a good wave a mile away. Finding a good wave at Pipeline is like trying to find a good man in politics. The heart of a man deceptive above all else. But Sheldon ran into good waves like he was searching for good men in the church. His two highest scores, easily the two best waves of the heat. Unfolding perfectly off the Pipeline bowl. And Sheldon didn’t squander his opportunity, laying down the smoothest most well-timed carves of the day to turn in a heat win.

Sheldon Simkus, certainly one of the standouts of the day.

Jordy vs Joshe – a battle of the goofy-footers.
Earlier in the day, we did an Instagram story with Jordy and Joshe in which Jordy mentioned that they usually wage a bet on who can get the highest heat score total of the round. The winner gets treated by the loser to a beverage of their choosing or a juicy burger. What made their matchup more interesting this time, was the fact that Jordy and Joshe had matched up in heat 7 of round 2, which happen to be an all goofy footed affair. Joshe got the better of the first exchange, opting to go left. Linking a couple of well-timed turns on a tricky wave, Joshe turned in a 7.17 while Jordy only managed a 5.67. But Jordy wasn’t done just yet. With coach, Chris Bond, carefully assessing our Instagram stories and following from Indonesia or wherever he finds himself, Jordy knew he couldn’t let coach Chris down and found himself a banger of a wave which reeled down the Pipeline bank like something out of a children’s fairy tale book. And Jordy went top to bottom on that thing like he was born for it. Well impressed, the judges prized him with the highest wave score total ridden by a goofy footer. Jordy backed his 8.60 with a 7.17 and suddenly it looked like Joshe would be treating Jordy to a delicious beef burger. Enjoy Jordy, you deserve it.

Koby Oberholzer – Welcome to the jazz club.
Koby’s timing is better than a jazz drummer in Miles Davis’ band. In fact, Koby’s surfing is much like enjoying a live jazz concert complimented by a spicy glass of Shiraz. Next time you want to take your better half out on a date (not a Tinder date – lame, a proper date) simply lay down a checkered picnic blanket on the beach and hire Koby to surf a couple of waves. Job done. It’ll be the most beautifully romantic date you ever enjoyed.

Fresh off a final at the Vans Surf Pro Classic, Koby is right back where he left off.

On Koby’s second wave he dropped an 8.00 for several mind-bogglingly beautifully timed carves and a closeout bash. On the paddle back out, Koby swung round on another wave, nailed two turns fell on the third and the judges awarded him a 6.43, a score most struggled to acquire on fully completed waves. On his 5th wave, Koby upped the ante, dropping an 8.67. In the judge’s tower, the head judge took a moment to clarify why exactly Koby’s surfing was excellent and the best of the day, his helpers in their booths, collectively agreed; incredible surfing, making difficult waves look (extremely) easy to surf. And just like that Koby comboed his opponents.

Adin Masencamp – The drum machine.
Have you ever listened to John Coltrane’s more experimental albums? Let me tell you, that stuff gets trippy. So hard to follow, every corner is a surprise, a new note, a timing change, a key change, sometimes it sounds like Coltrane just threw in whatever to make the listener confused. It’s like a Jack in the Box that unceasingly tries to surprise you. It’s not exactly punk rock; 4 by 4, no key change and three chords from start to finish. Adin Masencamp, however, is no John Coltrane, he surfs more like a drum machine – precise, powerful and explosive. You know what’s coming, every time, but he delivers it so well you’re always thoroughly entertained!

Without breaking too much of a sweat and not doing anything out of the ordinary, Adin surfed his way to a pair of high sixes. It wasn’t by any means the best surfing we’d seen from the young man, but even when he’s not surfing at his best, he still cruises to heat wins.

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