23 October, 2014 23 October, 2014

Undercover (Moments of Stoke)

With a nod to the latest issue featuring an amazing underwater perspective on the cover, we’re throwing you back to ’93 this week – which is the last and only other time a real fisheye-view landed on the coveted Page 1 of Zigzag.

The image was taken by Lance Slabbert at the Valley of the Waves in the Lost City, and the surfer ripping the chlorine peak was unfortunately not ID’d. Either way it’s a killer cover:


The full sequence of the epic below-the-surface perspective features inside the mag in the photo feature titled ‘Moments of Stoke’, which you can check out below. We especially like the opener shot by legendary Slummies photographer, Louis Wulff, of Andrew Carter blasting at Kidds Beach.

(click images to view larger)



Andrew Johnston slots in at dusk, while Adrian Fields gouges in the Cape (inset).


The full sequence of the cover shot, nailed by Lance Slabbert.


Nigel Gibb eyes out the lip he is about to blast at Dairy Beach.


For a bit of fun, you can check out the rad video Steven Michelsen filmed last year at the Valley of Waves. It features Mikey February, Beyrick De Vries and Slade Prestwich going for some big airs at the North West Province’s best wave.

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