16 November, 2018 16 November, 2018

Twiggy Wins Nazaré Challenge 2018

Grant Twiggy Baker, a tactical beast when it comes to Big Wave events, has gone ahead and proved exactly that winning the Nazaré Challenge 2018 in Portugal. Let’s take it back to his first heat, where he observed the wave, a touch more reserved, fully aware of the fact he needed to make it through the heat and that those waves could dish out one helluva PK. Surfing more within himself, remaining in the top 3 in each heat.

That exact strategy saw him make it through to the final, where he just unleashed. Going for broke, a tried and tested strategy of the Big Wave machine. One could argue that he was somewhat unlucky on wave scores leading up to his win, landing two incredible, technical drops which didn’t see the score you’d expect.

Ultimately it didn’t matter, cause when those big pulses came lurching from the deep he was there to take it, all the way to number WIN, bagging the first leg of the Big Wave Tour. Brilliant Twiggy, you beauty! 


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