28 October, 2017 28 October, 2017

Twiggy Misses The Pe’ahi Challenge

Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, your fave big wave world champ, has missed the Pe’ahi Challenge due to three delayed flights and one that got cancelled. Imagine flying for two whole days, 48 hours, and then missing your first heat by an hour! And BTW (by the way), Twiggy was supposed to surf in heat 1. I mean couldn’t the BWT organisers, in their righteousness, have thought to maybe, just maybe, move Twiggy’s heat further back in the day. It’s not like he was an hour late driving from Longbeach to Muizenberg, he was an hour late from flying across the globe. Damn. Talk about being inconsiderate. It’s not like the WSL made all the BWT competitors fly to Portugal for an event that didn’t run… or did they.

Cover image: Alan Van Gysen




  1. Brendan Callaghan
    28 October, 2017 at 9:24 pm · Reply

    It’s a tough one and in all honesty one needs to plan for the worst case scenario, it is the real world out there so your article on the WSL smacks of bias. If the commissioner called a start time that is it. The draw is the heat draw. Contest is made up of surfers and does not resolve around any individual. As they say the show must go on. Gutted for Twiggy but he was not the only one whom had issues trying to get to the venue. Keep it real and report on the facts it’s not the WSL duty to wait for athletes to arrive if they are running late.

  2. Jamii
    29 October, 2017 at 8:16 am · Reply

    They could have put the ladies in first…..

  3. Niel
    30 October, 2017 at 11:45 am · Reply

    Work out what that trip must have cost alone -R50-R60th??

    Happened to Slater it can happen to anyone .

    Sponsors are definitely an understanding bunch for sure !

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