16 May, 2017 16 May, 2017

Tuffy Clean Your Beach Winners 2016/17

Around 200 bags of plastic, styrofoam and other non – biodegradable nonsense was scooped off the beaches across SA during the Tuffy Clean Your Beach Campaign. Each month one lucky human was awarded a Firewire surfboard for their efforts – but the real prize was seeing the epic transformation, right?

The plastic problem is a devastating one that is slowly starting to gain more attention, and as surfers who engage in the ocean daily, it is our duty to be at the forefront of the journey towards cleaner beaches.

The campaign may be over but thanks to the efforts of Tuffy, Firewire and Share The Stoke, much needed awareness has been raised and there is a new group of ocean lovers frothing to make clean ups a part of their everyday lives. 

See the entries from the winners from each month below:

NOVEMBER 2017 – Murray Sanders dug up his old Halloween hazmat suit and hit the filthy Durban beaches for some epic cleaning and won the first board of the contest – https://goo.gl/GiBi4H  


DECEMBER 2016 – Matthew Birkholtz put together this epic video of his Slummies beach clean up – https://goo.gl/excpHV


JANUARY 2017 – Stuart Hablutzel works on tiny incognito island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. His submission into our Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign has gone to show that there most certainly is trouble in paradise – https://goo.gl/fLqLxm

FEBRUARY 2017 – Brandon Zweers had two entries in one month to earn him the win – https://goo.gl/aKk9XW

MARCH 2017 – Anton Barnard cleanup after the fisherman and jollers at Fransmanhoek Point and put this video together –https://goo.gl/69YwS7 

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