11 January, 2018 11 January, 2018


Zanri, incase Santa didn’t float a Firewire your way this December, the lads and lasses of Tuffy, Firewire and Share the Stoke Foundation have got you covered. Zanri, the West Coast Warrior, went well beyond the call of duty this holiday season and lent a helping hand to the sea side. Zanri’s motivation behind entering the Tuffy Clean Your Beach  “I love the ocean, and have seen first hand how plastic pollution is killing marine animals. I am thrilled to be part of the Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign.” From behalf of everyone involved we hope you enjoy cutting shapes on your laka new Firewire!

Entries for the Tuffy Clean Your Beach competition are still open, don’t miss out on your chance to feel the way Zanri will when she hears the good news!


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