12 October, 2016 12 October, 2016

Tuffy Clean Up Your Beach Campaign Returns

Paddling into a plastic packet or navigating around sief bottles and takeaway containers is a very bumming thing. Seeing our environment trashed in any form by means of our own making is a call to action in itself. As surfers and all around ocean lovers we serve a duty to the waves, the solace of the salty seas and the creatures that make a session extra special – even those dolphins that pop up right beside us and make us skrik.

Pollution is a massive problem. Our efforts to clean up our environment should be awarded by that good feeling alone, but now you can win a Firewire for documenting your beach clean up.

The Tuffy Clean Your beach campaign in association with Firewire and presented by Zigzag is back! Running from this month, October 2016, to the end of March 2017, a whole six months for you to win!

The rules are simple. Clean your beach yourself or organise a beach clean up and send in evidence to us at Zigzag in the form of images or videos. At the end of the month one winner will be selected and get a Firewire delivered to their doorstep. Individuals or groups can enter, but there is one board per month to be won.

If you haven’t already, check out Gareth Hubbard’s winning video entry for the last leg of our Tuffy Clean Your Beach competition, which won him a brand new Firewire.

When looking back through the archive from the last competition, the 61 unique entries received from all over South Africa and abroad, equated to hundreds of Tuffy bin-bags filled to the brim with rubbish removed from our beloved beaches. From Seapoint to Sumatra, dozens of beaches have been cleared of litter – helping to conserve our all important marine fauna and flora.

Let’s get our coastline shining – enter with Tuffy’s recycled plastic bags which can purchased from stores while you wait for issue 40.1 of Zigzag magazine ( on shelves mid December) which will have a Tuffy bag inserted.

Get creative, get crazy and get cleaning – brand new Firewires and a squeaky clean environment await!

Email your images or videos to comps@zigzag.co.za with your name and address.



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  1. Stuart
    25 October, 2016 at 3:36 am · Reply

    Suppose a person is living too far away from SA to get there hands on either a Tuffy bag or Zigzag mag, would we still be eligible for the competition/prize if we used other methods of cleaning our beach?

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