1 November, 2017 1 November, 2017

Travis Logie Still Shreds

Remember when Travis got knocked off tour at the end of 2010? He needed a result at Pipeline, and he had a shocker of an event. In the post heat interview Travis was distraught, his eyes welling up with tears, his concentration focused on holding those tear ducts shut. He said that he needed to find out what his sponsors wanted to do with him. The surf industry was in a slump and it was unlikely that he’d get the funding needed to hunt points on the QS.

Fast forward eight or so months and Travis has gotten the call up to replace Bobby Martinez at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Travis has to fly out from Europe at a moments notice where the surf has been marginal and prepare himself to compete at maxing Teahupoo. Trav surfs his heart out, flinging himself over the ledge at 8-10ft Chopes, on borrowed equipment to place third at the event and qualify for the Championship Tour via the mid-year rotation.


All in the name of re-qualification. Image: WSL / Kirstin Scholtz


Now as Deputy Commissioner, Trav is livin it UP! Rolling round the globe calling the shots. And in case you were wondering, the brother still shreds. 



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  1. Mike
    2 November, 2017 at 2:52 pm · Reply

    Never forget the time Travis gave his Jbay SA champs money to the chap who lost his leg at Muizenberg.

    Needless to say Shaun Holmes won that compo-imo.

    That one jesture of Travis kinda rectified it.

    Lucky chap cruising the globe avoiding the 9-5 .He has a knack of cutting out the BS and making the right compo calls.

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