18 November, 2013 18 November, 2013

Top 6 Finalists – We Make It SIC

Entries have closed and the judges have announced their Top 6 in our We Make It Sic competition presented by Bosch and Dremel. With over R30,000 in power tools up for grabs by the winners, a number of surfboards have gathered dust while their owners put in hours, days and months of sweat, tears and elbow grease (as well as some strained relationships) to create their entries – all in the hopes of grabbing the epic prizes on offer.

Check out the finalists below, split between the INNOVATION and CRAFTMANSHIP categories, or go to wemakeit.co.za to see all the other entries.

THE CRAFTSMANSHIP AWARDThe judges were looking at the skill and craft that entrants put into making their entry.

by Patrick “Tiny” Peggs

“My Rip Curl surfboard home bar. This bar took about four months to build and nearly cost a break up. Now that it’s 99% complete, I can take a walk on the beach with my amazing girlfriend. I think she needs a medal.”

Patrick clearly spent many hours making his bar. Now it’s time to crack open a lemonade and put it to good use!


by Mick Liltved

“1850 mm long. The light can be wall or ceiling mounted. The light is a LED sequentially programmed system, either one color/hue at a time or to run through its sequence at the desired speed.”

Mick showed us his skill by not only shaping and building the board, but he installed an impressive lighting system behind  it too.


by Norman Jensen

“This started as a cutaway single fin for my board. All the wood was recycled wood that we had collected from all over the place. This fin was made of Meranti, Rhodesian teak, SA pine and some other scraps. It took hours of sanding, getting the foil right, glassing and polishing (I have new respect for the guys that make fins). Eventually the fin was finished and it looked really good. But… I busted it, first time out and after weeping on the beach in front of all my mates, one of my them suggested that I should frame it. So I did, and it now hangs on the wall. (I still cry when I look at it)”

Not only is it beautiful to look at, but the quality of Normans’ build is impressive.


THE INNOVATION AWARD: The judges wanted entrants to get clever and think of something new in the surf world. This is all about the concept behind the entry.

by Louis Bouwer

“Featuring a touchscreen with gadgets, cameras, speakers and such. Surfboards are reinforced with super high grade carbon fibre for ultimate strength-to-weight ratio.”

Is this a glimpse into the future of surfboard design?


by Byron Paris

“Here are a few pictures of a small model of my concept. The overhang takes the shape of a wave. It can protect against rain and sun. The bench is the shape of a longboard. The holes in the wave are for recycling bins. My idea was to propose that the bench be situated near surf spots so that people would be able to watch the sport comfortably, while the recycle bins in the wave emphasis the importance of saving and cleaning our oceans.”

Byron’s solid concept is what made him a finalist. Can you imagine a life sized one of these at your local spot?


by Jasper Eales

“There is never enough space to store all the surfboards, they therefore clutter up spaces that make the wives, moms and girlfriends unhappy – as well as end up getting dinged and damaged. This was a problem for me (and I’m sure many other surfers can relate to this issue). I have therefore spent a good few years designing and re-designing surfboard storage systems. This is my most recent design, which identified the problem and came as a functional, user-friendly, adjustable and aesthetically pleasing solution – which makes use of environmentally friendly materials and processes and looks good in the living room, bedroom or garage.”

Simple. Easy to use. We like your rack, Jasper.



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