20 August, 2012 20 August, 2012

TOP 3: with Kody McGregor

Top 3 bands/artists
1. 340ml
2. Shpongle
3. The Herbaliser

Top 3 surfers of all time
1. Alex Knost
2. AI

Top 3 things to learn before you die
1. How to surf
2. How to play guitar
3. How to order a beer in a crowded bar as quickly as possible

Top 3 Songs right now on your ipod
1. The Herbaliser – Ginger Jumps the Fence
2. Xavier Rudd and Izintaba – Koonyum Sun

3. Astrix – Tweaky

Top 3 most visited websites
1. YouTube
2. Facebook
3. Visions

Top 3 Waves in the world

2. Namibia
3. North Shore

Top 3 alternatives to surfing
1. Longboard skateboarding
2. Mountain biking
3. Skydiving

Top 3 must have gadgets
1. iPhone

3. iPod

Top 3 reasons why PE isnt as shit as you think
1. Maximum 15 minutes to the beach from anywhere.
2. Uncrowded spots, just spend five minutes more looking.
3. It’s the friendly city for a reason.

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  1. Jonesy PE
    23 August, 2012 at 11:56 am · Reply

    Dude stop scaring fish in the water .
    Pott-beater owes you a crate of bears for the Pics you have taken
    As in PORT elizabeth ….there is no science in fact that if you are a U shaped PORT you are going to get f-all waves china’s….unless extreme swell with Southerly direction.
    PE okes are onto anything that is a ripple. Contrasting to the Jbay jaded crew 70 kms away.

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