27 September, 2016 27 September, 2016

Tokoloshe Turned On

There’s a game the ocean loves to play – a charming (but cruel) pastime where she’ll bring a spot to life, only to make it disappear again. When all the various elements come together – swell direction, size, winds and tide – these usually flat phantom spots, will begin churning out barrels which can ghost in a blink and lay dormant for months. East London’s Wild Jikeleza coast is one of these magical places, full of ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ surprises…

Photogropher Tyerell Jordaan recently got in on the action at a cheeky surf spot known as the ‘Tokoloshe’ where he managed to sneak in two sessions with Bryce du Preez, Luke Malherbe and Denver Struwig. “I have seen it break a lot bigger. Guys like Greg Emslie have had it really good before,” says Tyerell. “The rip is pretty heavy and sucks you into the bowl but I managed to cling to the ledge between sets and get a few photos of the guys. They all had so much fun out there, trading waves and the odd beatings. The wave is really beautiful I can’t wait to swim it on a bigger swell…”

Check out their recent session with the fickle Tokoloshe below… before it disappears.


The stuff of ledge legends.


Bryce Du Preez stalls on the backhand.


Luke Malherbe getting a peachy little pit.


Bryce Du Preez hand to the sun.


The hard to access location sees many waves go by unridden.


Luke Malherbe setting up on another drainer.


Barrels and beatings.

Until next time Tokoloshe, if there ever is a next time.

*Images © Tyerell Jordaan

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