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Throwback Thursday: Top 16 of 1994

Nothing like a throwback, not like the kids on Insta who define a #throwback as what happened at #breakfast. No, no, no this time Zag is taking it waaaay back, 24 yrs back in fact. 1994, a massive year for South Africa where citizens of all races were allowed to vote, a milestone as far as our countries democracy is concerned. Whether you were still in diapers, drinking your first beer or complaining about going downstairs it was surely a year to remember. 

The Zag team was feeling extra nostalgic today, perhaps it was the cranking surf that rocked North Pier this morning or maybe it was due to our editor busting out those 90’s tunes, whatever it was I’m sure glad it happened. So get ready to feel old, or young, and take a look at who was amongst the elite of South Africa’s surfing royalty.

Cant read the text? No worries, just simply click the image and a larger version will open up in a new tab for your reading pleasure.   

Yoh, how trippy is that ‘Top Sixteen Text’ kinda reminds me of those crazy colourful bouncy balls you use to get at the arcade or in those retro gum-ball machines. I wonder if those fins were fibreglass, hmmm doubt it. Surfing has come a helluva long way the past two decades. 



Looks like we now know where David Luis got his hairdo from, it has to be inspired by the now Reunion local David Stolk, or maybe it’s Maybelline. When looking at these fashionistas, it looks like the 90’s ‘thrift’ shop vibe is back in full swing 24 yrs down the line. I swear I saw all these cats, or at least their look a likes, sipping orange mocha frappuccinos down at Starbucks this morning. 


For your reading pleasure in efforts to make your downtime behind the computer screen a little more groovy, we thought we would include a track or two that was most likely making the rounds on your cassette tape, hey man but we are a thoughtful bunch:


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