9 February, 2017 9 February, 2017

TBT – Forever Young Jordy Smith

He’s that Saffa oke who finished second in the world last year, he’s on our latest cover (Zigzag 41.2) and he’s the first Fantasy Surfing pick for almost every one of us, as we train our eyes on the upcoming Quiksilver Pro in Aus and the beginning of the 2017 World Championship race.

But let’s rewind back to 2004. Look at that skinny kid with the Jedi crew cut burying rail oh so mercifully. My how things have changed. You can check out Jordy’s progression just four year’s later, signs of shredding as hard as he does now in this rad surf clip from 2008.  

And then check the progression from paduan to big man power hacks in the more contemporary video below. Good luck for 2017 Jordy! You know what to do…


  1. 2nd Place-No Title?
    10 February, 2017 at 4:34 pm · Reply

    Yeah Backflips at 6’3 and 90kgs -holy crap!

    But you can see the steel in his compo eyes has been softened from when he was younger.

    Is he gonna end up being that guy???….. who came second a few times and could never pull a world title?

    Shane Horane….Shane Beshcen……..Shane Powell ……Luke Egan….Taj Burrow

  2. Name (required)savage
    12 February, 2017 at 1:47 am · Reply

    Well actually came third last year but semantics…

    He needs results at some of the big lefts if he wants to go further…

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