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The Zigzag Durban Surf Pro

It’s that time of year again; the Zigzag Durban Surf pro time! And we’re frothing! Stop 3 of the City Surf Series takes us to Durban surf city, a subtropical paradise with rippable beach breaks. So if you’re in the greater Durban area and you froth on watching good surfing, best you make your way down to the beachfront for a lesson from South Africa’s best!

Here are a few reasons we’re frothing for the Zigzag Durban Surf Pro.

All images Ian Thurtell


| Three surfers we haven’t seen 
Jordy Maree, Matty McG and Adin Masencamp, are three surfers we haven’t seen on the local tour this year yet. Matty Mc G, Jordy and Adin have been traversing the globe entering higher-rated QS events hoping to gain more QS bang per heat win. But now, they’re back on home soil and they’ll be rubbing shoulders with a new set of City Surf Series winners ie Joshe Faulkner and Dylan Lightfoot.

Last year Jordy Maree and Adin Masencamp made it to the final of the Durban Surf Pro, they duelled it out and Adin emerged victoriously. Will the big boys doing the full QS tour win again? Or will we see an underdog take to the podium?

Jordy Maree, setting his fins free.

| Rippable beach break (we wanna see more airs!)
The Durban Piers offers a wonderful platform to host a contest; waves are fun, weather is pleasant and there’s a bunch of cafes and curry restaurants on the beach. Hell, there’s even a Milky Lane! When last did you go to a Milky Lane? Thought they folded the waffle on that joint a long time ago. Anyway, I digress, the Durban Piers is a more honest representation of what you’re getting yourself into when you embark on the QS tour. Small but rippable little peaks. It encourages big manoeuvres and big airs. And as per usual, we’re excited to see people take to the skies to make heats! Wanna make a heat, time to take flight!

Winner of the Nelson Mandela Surf Pro, Joshe Faulkner sending it.

| Will Chad get his maiden victory?
We have yet to see Chad du Toit hoisted on the shoulders of his fellow competitors and carried up the beach to the podium. This year Chad has enjoyed a breakthrough year, he’s been a standout at both the Port Alfred Classic and the Nelson Mandela Surf Pro making the finals at both events, placing 3rd and 2nd respectively. At, the Nelson Mandela Surf Pro Chad came within a chest hair of snatching the victory from under Joshe’s afro. In the dying minutes of the heat, Chad lucked into a banger of left and lit that thing up with several brutal man-hacks. The boys in the tower deemed it excellent surfing awarding Chad and 8.25 for his efforts but it wasn’t excellent enough and Child fell just shy of his maiden City Surf Series victory.
With home soil advantage, will Chad be able to seal the deal for his maiden City Surf Series win? Or will he fall a chest hair shy? Only time will tell.

Chad du Toit, speed carve.

| Pallet’s back
Last year Nicole Pallet and Kai Woolf dominated the women’s division of the City Surf Series. This year, Nicole and Kai are nowhere to be seen, Nicole chilling in Durban and Kai chilling in New Zealand. But with the City Surf Series knocking on the door of Nicole’s hometown, she has opened the door and decided to don a jersey for its arrival. And we’re excited about her return! Last year Pallet ruled the women’s division with an iron rod, laying down some of the most stylish heavy footed surfing we’d seen, can’t wait to witness what she does at the Zigzag Durban Surf Pro.

Pallet’s back and she’s bad!

| Surf is small, swell is east and the weather fine.
The last two events of the City Surf Series, the Royal St Andrews Hotel Port Alfred Classic and the Nelson Mandela Surf Pro have enjoyed less than ideal weather; rainy, cold and windy. The waves were fun but the weather, more like Netflix and chill kinda stuff. The weather for Durban, however, is looking dreamy. Clear skies, windless and sunny! Perfect to spend an entire day on the beach! No need to pack your step-up though, as the swell will be small, but it is an east swell, which should wrap right in.

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