18 May, 2018 18 May, 2018

The Zigzag Durban Surf Pro Pres. by G

Yesterday or the day before yesterday (who’s counting the days anyway) we asked G-Force, why sponsor a contest? To which he quickly retorted,”Cause I pay too much F*ckin tax!” What a legend. What badass.

Anyhoo, that’s besides the point. Welcome to the best surf contest this side of the Southern Hemisphere, the Zigzag Durban Surf Pro presented by G-Force and the waves are a fun super rippable 1 to 2 foot. And we can’t wait. The City Surf Series has gone from one firing point break to the next, and to be frank, we’re over it. we wanna see big closeout bashes, airs and dropwallets. And that’s what we’re in for.

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Image: Thurtell the turtle.

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