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The Vans Surf Pro Classic

The Vans Surf Pro Classic is one of our favourite events on the South African surf calendar; Yoyos is absurdly shreddable, there’s a ton of other world class waves in close proximity, seafood is plentiful and it’s sponsored by our fave shoe brand. Why we so damn  psyched for the Weskus, well here’s why sally.

Yoyos – Comparable to Trestles

Yoyos is commonly referred to as the West Coast Trestles. And for good reason. Yoyos is the most rippable wave on the Weskus and we’d argue one of the more ripple waves in the country. It offers the rider (almost) anything the heart could desire! A big open face to sink your teeth into outback complimented by a ‘to die for’ closeout section in front. The operative word one could us to describe Yoyos would be decadent. Yoyos is like a rich malva pudding made by a grannie who has limited concern for diabetes. The taste so sweet a vegan might OD. The only difficulty with surfing Yoyos is deciding on a turn to implement. The options are endless! So many are your options that many a man/woman have fallen simply trying to decide on what turn they’d like to execute.

Ian Thurtell ©

Die Weskus is die bes kus

The Weskus is no doubt a wonderful stretch of coast. So unadulterated, semi-arid and environmentally brutal. It’s no tropical South Coast nor is it a Vic Bay garden of Eden, but the West Coast has something so uniquely beautiful about it. The endless rolling hills, the multitude of varying shrubbery, the Khoisan rock paintings etc… sheesh, beginning to sound like David Attenborough up in the Okavango (don’t we all love a bit of Davey B). 

The West Coast is beautiful in its own way. Let’s not get started on the extravagant amount of waves the zone has to offer. Without giving away too many secrets, the stretch between Elands Bay and Yoyos must be one of the most wave rich regions in the country. From left point breaks to crazy beachie barrels to bang-able Foux-Trestles, it’s all happening on the West Coast.

Green on green. Image: AVG

A multitude of international players

Isn’t it great when an event in South Africa attracts a multitude of international surfers? It’s great for us the spectators because our South African surfers inevitably end up upping their game to make heats and it’s great for the surfers because they get to compare themselves to what’s happening abroad. In, the men’s division 12 of the 46 surfers in the draw are internationals. On the women’s side, 12 of the 24 girls are from a different continent. That’s half of the girl’s division not from here. And in addition, the Japanese 4 are back and they’re bad! The Japanese four dominated the opening QS events on the South African tour, it will be interesting to see how the fair on the brutal, open ocean, cold water Wes Kus.


New winner 

Last year Matty McG defeated the Arian Dylan Lightfoot courtesy of a crazy big tail high air reverse on the opening section, the year before, the handsome Mikey Feb defeated his BF the ever smiling Dave Van Zyl in a close-fought battle, this year both Mfeb and Matty McG won’t be in attendance. Matty Mc G chasing QS points in Chile, and Mfeb probably soul arching a dreamy section on a twin fin with a thousand cameras pointed his way. Oh, to be Mfeb. Stylish, handsome and now famous. I digress, the point is we’re due for a new winner. So who’s going step it up? We’ve seen a couple of excellent performances in the events prior; a breakthrough result from Joshe Faulkner, Dylan Lightfoot came to the party and Eli and Luke have been shredding. Who will take this year’s Vans Surf Pro Classic?  

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