26 October, 2017 26 October, 2017

Tuffy Clean Your Beach Entry #1

Talk about setting the bar high, these genuine heroes from Waves for Change out of East London have teamed up with their local community to fight against the gnarly evil that is pollution, making for a rad start to this year’s Campaign!   

Waves for change rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck in!


Operating out of Orient beach, Waves for change does more than clean up what escapes the landfill, they offer surf therapy in efforts to bridge the dived between the big blue and youthful enthusiasm. They help instill positive vibes to 200 youngsters of all ages where they provide them with a platform to cope with stress, build healthy relationships and make positive life choices as well as score a wave or two. Their efforts are focused at the mouth of the Buffalo Rivier and next to the East London Harbour.

Hard work paying dividends for this stretch of sand.

What are you waiting for, slap on the sunscreen grab a chommie and take a page out of these model citizens book. To the team at Waves for Change we salute you and as always keep up the stoke!

Learn more about the Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign here.

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