17 August, 2017 17 August, 2017

The Transkei Revisited

Oh Transkei you beauty. Where time time slows down to a standstill, the rolling hills and fresh air soothe your troubled city slicker soul and the ideals of capitalism run thin. For the Transkei is a place where it’s deathly grip strains to reach. Oh Transkei, how we love you. One of the last remaining spaces of the true African surfing lifestyle.

In our latest issue of Zag entitled: ‘Made in Africa’, we took three of our favourite surfers back to the Transkei. The crew included the effervescent Ricky Basnett, the beautiful Emma Smith and the local favourite Avuyile Ndamase. Together they explored the region with reckless abandon, unhindered by the rough terrain courtesy of the dope rides provided by Mitsubishi.  The whole trip was produced in colab with our friends (the absolute frothers) over at Cars.co.za

Watch our full Impilo Emakhaya video below and witness the magic being made.

Video: Neil Webster / Fixer Film

Image: Greg Ewing


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