Billabong team rider, Joshe Faulkner, put on an electrifying performance, with some crazy turns and two huge, clean backside airs. His first air was so big and clean, especially in the heavy conditions, that the boys awarded him the best Move of the event.

One Llandudno local always stands out when the Gat is heaving and Josh Brodie pulled the rabbit out of the hat in the final heat of the day again. He found a huge clean wedge out of nowhere and back door charged the tube to the wild ovation of the crowd and into his second consecutive Best Wave award.

Out of many great overall performances, one guy stood out. Coming all the way from the bluff, Ricky Basnett was on fire and it was a unanimous decision to give him the best surfer of the day award. He promptly thanked his Vans teammates, gave them all his beers and rum and made a quiet exit. But he had already made all the noise he needed in the water.

The Red Bull after party kicked in, with psychedelic surf rockers, The Dinosaurs, ripping out a killer set before DJ duo Mix n Blend got the party people jumping. Ice cold draughts flowed, thanks to Striped Horse, the frozen daiquiris from Suncamino were everywhere ensuring the party was well and truly going off. The sunset, the smiles were huge and the party went late into the night. It was the perfect way to end another incredible Rolling Retro.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped, came down and had a blast and who have supported the event over a decade of seriously good times.

Big thanks to our sponsors Striped Horse, Red Bull, Vudu Surf, Billabong, Hurricane Surf, Von Zipper, Amazonia, Suncamino Rum, Ocean Pledge, We Care Collective.


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