12 February, 2019 12 February, 2019

The New Biggest Player in the Wave Pool Game

The European wave pool company based in Spain announced the news last year in November that they would be bringing a wave pool to end all wave pools… size wise that is. Wave wise, naaaaaaah! The construction is set to be wrapped up come 2020, where it will be open to the public. 

The set up is pretty hectic and is located about 60 odd minutes from Seoul, built on land stolen from the ocean without compensation. ‘Turtle Island’ (its namesake as a result of it looking like a frikken traced out water tortoise) is a new international waterfront destination, well that’s what the Trip Adviser review will probably say. The jol will feature different water and landside leisure facilities like hotels, convention centers, marinas… you know the usual shitty stuff that gets the more boujee of us a little frothy.

The centerpiece of the €2.1 billion fancy pansy establishment will be the Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon. €2.1 billion, only a calculator knows how many rands that is, if it can actually fit it on the display that is.

The Cove, with its ‘enticing turquoise waters’, will be able to pump out 1,000 ocean-like waves per hour, which unfurl across a range of different surfing areas. Like a couple other wave pools out there, each area offers waves of different size and power catering for a variety of skill levels. 


“We are delighted to be working with Daewon and to bring the incredible sport of surfing and beach lifestyle to South Korea. With consistent waves of different sizes and shapes, Turtle Island is going to be the new beach of Seoul and the place to surf for families, professional surfers, and everyone in between”,  says Fernando Odriozola, Chief Commercial Officer of Wavegarden.

The announcement comes at a time when two Wavegarden facilities are currently in construction in Melbourne, Australia, and Bristol, England, with another 28 contracts signed and in various stages of development in five continents around the world. 


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