28 August, 2014 28 August, 2014

The Golden Mile (Then & Now)

Plenty has changed along the Golden Mile over the years, but a lot has remained the same. For #TBT this week, we take a look back at Durban then (in the 80’s) and compare it to now.

DURBAN THEN (1980’s):


The Golden Mile in 1982 (above) and Mike Larmont charging Town in 1989 (below).
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Now, let’s see how much has changed…

DURBAN NOW (2014):


Well, for starters the rock groynes are no longer there (above), but the classic sand-bottom barrels sure are (below).


See more classic archive images of Durban on Pat Flanagan’s website.
For some quality canvas prints of the Golden Mile, speak to Greg Ewing at printbrush.co.za

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