1 December, 2014 1 December, 2014

The Fourth Monster Pitstop Winner Is…

There was a strong collection of jaw-dropping pits submitted from all around the world for the November leg of the Monster Energy Pitstop powered by Zigzag in association with O’Neill and iON Action Cameras. However, three of the mind-bending tubes stood out from the rest, and in the end it was Justin Donnelly’s insane JBay tube that gained almost half of the total votes. This make’s Justin the fourth finalist in line for the ‘Pit of the Year’ grand prize worth R30 000*.

Justin’s JBay entry managed to get more hoots than the likes of Ricky Basnett’s Mal Mada barrel and Lance Morris’s lengthy tube ride in Sumbawa who as far as vote calculations go, were only separated by a fraction of a percentile.

Justin Donnely expertly negotiates his way through a lengthy pit at JBay’s Supers.

“Justin weaves his way through this screamer at Supers absolutely perfectly!,” said judge Paul Canning from O’Neill about the winning ride. “Perfect line and very well ridden!”

Justin’s barrel was filmed by Kate Lovemore, making this Kate’s second win in a row. Kate walks away with another iON Air Pro Wifi Lite worth R2500, while Justin scores a R5000 hamper from O’Neill.

Entries are now open for the fifth leg of the Monster Energy Pitstop, and you can submit your own epic tube rides to monsterpits.co.za


• The public vote and judging panel’s vote is split 50-50
• This means each of the three judge’s votes count 16.67% of the overall vote (to make up the judges’ 50% of the vote).
• The public vote for each surfer is then worked out as a percentage of the total number of public votes across all contestants and divided by two to work out how much it contributes to the other 50%.

It sounds complicated, but makes sense when you do the sums. So let’s do the maths for the top two rides who were in the running this month:

Justin Donnelly
2x judge’s vote = 33.34%
Total public votes across all the contestants = 630
Justin’s public votes: 179/630 votes = 28.41% of 630 / 2 = 14.41%
= 47.75% of votes overall

Lance Morris
No judge’s votes = 0.00%
Lance’s public votes: 260/630 votes = 41.26% of 630 / 2 = 20.51%
= 20.51% of votes overall

Ricky basnett
1x judge’s votes = 16.67%
Ricky’s public votes: 53/630 votes = 8.41% of 630 / 2 = 4.2%
= 20.87% of votes overall

* Pit of the Year prize includes:
• R15 000 to the winning surfer
• R10 000 to the winning videographer
• An iON Air Pro 3 WiFi worth R5 000

Go to monsterpits.co.za for more info.


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