28 August, 2018 28 August, 2018


Springs here, and winters on its way to take a long walk off a short cliff. Now, while some of you may have mixed emotions bidding adieu to those glassy mornings and large winter swells, there are some who are licking their chops at the thought of not having to wear two pairs of socks to avoid frostbite.

The change of season brings some tricky conditions across the country, but that’s half the challenge of surfing. We say, embrace it! Grab Spring by its metaphorical horns and get busy living. Start your vision quest right here, right now, as you take in this here gallery presented by Hurley in all its aesthetic glory!! 

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  1. Sven
    28 August, 2018 at 5:55 pm · Reply

    What on earth is going with the shot bru compilation. The August compilation is nothing short of horribly disappointing. The thing I like the most about shot bru is the diversity of LOCAL surfers surfing LOCAL breaks. This compilation is just full of Indo photos, pros and about 5 shots of 1 session at the bluff. I saw the Jesse Mendes aerial on surfline, on WSL heat analyzer, why is it appearing on shot bru? Jesse Mendes is not local, Chopes is on the other side of the planet and it is a photo in a competition. Nothing against some really good photos and is Peter Chamberlains sister married to the photo editor or is he the only guy submitting photos? C’mon, I have seen so many insane photos from local guys shooting local breaks how can 1 guy totally dominate the entire shot bru for August. Sorry Peter Chamberlain, really have some stunning shots and no offence to your clear talent and dedication. I really don’t mean to put a damper in your stride, please keep clicking and submitting.


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