28 June, 2018 28 June, 2018


One word to describe today’s conditions? Moody. Mother nature was just clearly in the midst of a rough day and was having none of this “warm winters day” kak. It was cold, it was windy and the ocean was a smudgy charcoal grey colour. You know that colour the base of your palm looks like after art class as a lightie.

But, she did offer a reprieve, coming the way of a stiff wind that allowed for a full-on aerial assault when the third Monster Energy Cash Up session was called on. Those brave enough to stay for a glimpse at surfings rendition of flight school were treated to some high flying bombs, and coming out on top once again, a fearless flair fueled South American. Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Marcos Correa the high flying bucket spitting Brazilian. Yeeeeew. 

Tomorrow, the Monster Energy Cash Up is set to burst into it’s 4th and possibly 5th round. Saturday brings the Monster expression session where 10 surfers will battle it out in efforts to get their salty wet fingers on 30 K. Yes man, you heard that right, 30 K courtesy of Monster. 

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