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The 2015 Hit List (Most Watched)

Words and photos are great, but add audio to the visuals and you’ve got two senses being stimulated by surfing stoke. Watching surf videos is an excellent way to get you amped for your next session, and zigzag readers enjoy their online viewing. To add to the list of most read stories and most viewed photo galleries on zigzag.co.za in 2015, here’s a look a six of the most viewed video clips this year:

1. THE SOUND OF SILENCE – Featuring Bianca Buitendag and Lee-Ann Curren

During a break in this year’s WSL Championship Tour schedule, Bianca Buitendag – who enjoyed a superb season finishing fourth overall in 2015 – packed her board bag and her tent, invited her friend Lee-Ann Curren along for the ride, and hit the road to the Wild Coast. Dan the Director did an excellent job of recording their adventure, and produced this year’s most watched video on zigzag.co.za



Ah, the rock jump! Frightening for you, hilarious for all your friends… Aussie charger, Mick Corbett, couldn’t help but laugh when this happened to his mate Sean, who was trying to jump out at West Oz’s infamous North Point.


3. INSIDE JAWS – with Josh Redman

It was a big day for Josh Redman, literally and figuratively. His first session at Jaws may not have started the way he anticipated, but it ended with three massive tubes, an XXL nomination, and the cover of Zag 39.3. Here the Vanilla Gorilla breaks down that magical day – filmed and edited by Graeme Brunt


4. GET FREE – with Jasper Eales

Zigzag spent some time with surfer-come-inventor, Jasper Eales, to find out how the Llandudno local finds balance and “gets free.” This video was Part II in a series supported by Quiksilver. Watch some more here – Get Free with: Avuyile ‘Avo’ Ndamase; Deen Hill; Samora and Mook Chapman.



Floridian, Brad Domke, made XXL history by being the first ever skimboarder to be nominated as a Ride of the Year finalist. His heavy ride at Puerto Escondido didn’t win in the end, but he’ll still feel like a champ having tamed that monster pit in Mexico finless.


6. NO REGRETS – The Ricky Basnett Story

From world tour hopeful to battling alcoholism, Ricky Basnett has gone from the limelight to his darkest places and come out the other side. Ricky’s road to recovery takes him to a remote stretch of SA coastline, where he shreds alongside Casey Grant in Jason Hearn‘s new film.



NIGHT INVADERS (Safi, Morocco)

Night surfing at one of the finest point breaks in the world? Why not?! I really enjoyed watching Axi Munian and Jerome Sahyoun shred the world-class rights of Safi during the dark of night in this sci-fi surf short. Filmed and edited by: Band-Originale

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