19 June, 2018 19 June, 2018

Team Vans and The Weskus

In the lead up to the Vans Surf Pro Classic, the dudes on the Vans team left their respective locals and got together to stay up all night exchanging manly stories about the waves they did and didn’t catch. Comprised of Shane Sykes, Josh Redman, Ricky Basnett, Davey Van Zyl, Saxton Randall, AVG behind the lens and some other lucky brezza’s they set off. Their quest for cold water perfection took these intrepid adventures to one of the most rippable waves in the country. Their base camp, Lamberts, where the training, banter, and bonding would begin.

Nothing brings a group of estranged men together like a surf trip up the west coast. The cold winter nights making it okay for five grown men to share a couch that should only seat two, with hottie choc & OBS in hand. This ragtag bunch of saffas, each one different from the next, must have made for one helluva jol. What a prelude to one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year, the Vans Surf Pro Classic. 

Now, this is what a team looks like, reminiscent of days gone by when most of us where groms watching surf film after surf film. Back when 45 minutes didn’t feel like forever and a bit. With the advent of Instagram, our attention span has decreased somewhat, now tryna stay interested for longer than 3 minutes is like watching your food cook in a microwave, seems like it will never end. But not today. 

 All images supplied by Alan Van Gysen    


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