16 May, 2019 16 May, 2019

Teahupo’o – The Girl Next Door

Tahiti will be nothing more than a pipe dream for most of us, an area of the world where very few get the opportunity to venture. But, that’s almost what makes it that much more alluring!

Odds are you’ve dreamed the big Tahiti dream before only to have your dreams brutally ax murdered by the price of a ticket to imagination land. I regularly punish myself this way whilst screaming ‘you don’t deserve me Tahiti’ in my underpants as I throw overripe mangoes at my fridge! 

So when the opportunity presents itself to live vicariously through those fortunate enough to travel to this far away galaxy, you bet your ass I take it. Presenting Parallèle a short film wherein Albee Layer, Kalani David, and the rest of the Dakine team get to live that big dream.

Our time in Tahiti made it abundantly clear that even though we speak different languages, Hawaii and Tahiti cultures are two of the same. We parallel each other with trust in protecting each other and the environment, personal values, gratefulness, generosity, and the desire put others before ourselves. In a nutshell, the spirit of Aloha lives far beyond the Hawaiian waters. Our Tahitian experience was greeted with a warm smile and beautiful pikake flowers for the crew. The Tahitians are some of the most beautiful humans to walk this planet, or in our case charge some of the most death-defying waves. ” – Dakine Ohana

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