18 March, 2020 18 March, 2020

Surfing in a time of Corona

Several reports have been circulating about the closure of Durban’s beaches for bathers due to the Covid-19 measures. Obviously the city’s bathing areas, on hot summer days can get pretty crowded and provide ample opportunity for the virus to spread. So that makes sense, but what does it mean for surfing? 
Zag would like to urge a common-sense approach to surfing in the pandemic. At the moment there is no ban on surfing in place, anywhere in the country, but it is crucial that surfers avoid crowds and spread ourselves out, so there is no reason for the authorities to bring the hammer down on its salty citizens. As we understand, it is highly unlikely that you will contract Covid-19 while surfing. However, the idea of paddling amongst a large pack; all gobbing, sneezing, vacating their sinuses, gargling and hocking big loogies into the brine, does raise the spectre that you could unsuspectingly sluk an infected booger while you’re heavy breathing on your paddle back from a drainer… Nasty! So just fan out, find a quiet peak and avoid crowds in the water, same as you do on land.

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And that goes for all you Long Beach loggers, the Muizenberg Surfer’s Corner squad, the J-Bay, PE and EL clusters. It’s a great opportunity to explore the known secrets and lesser-known spots. Any large groups of people are going to be highly conspicuous at this time. So even if it’s cranking at the local, don’t rush in and join the herd… you might end up blowing it for everyone. 
And that brings up the question of transportation. How do you get to the surf safely? Travelling alone costs more and has more of an impact on the environment, but unless you trust the social-distancing measures of your surf pal, you’re probably going to have to go surf with your immediate family or Pat Malone… on your ace, mate. And you should definitely have some hand sanitiser in the car, for the post-surf mop up. 
Follow these simple instructions, combine with a good swell and social-distancing could boost your time in the brine!


  1. Deon
    19 March, 2020 at 2:32 pm · Reply

    It is my and several top biochemical scientists opinion that a persons immune system requires viruses to practice and so doing builds its defence against these RNA bugs, without practice your immune system turns into a sissy. BTW, like twenty thousand people die every single day from preventable starvation with zero media coverage. Turn off your TV and go surf, surfing is great for building a strong immune system

    • Jon
      19 March, 2020 at 5:32 pm · Reply

      That is so true. The media making money and dumb shits on social media who advertise that they have bought out all the toilet rolls because they shit themselves everytime someone sneezes have made this way bigger than it should be.

  2. Bruce
    19 March, 2020 at 5:27 pm · Reply

    OD on Vit C and Zinc. Both push up your immune system to protect you. Avoid the direct cough or sneeze, of course, and while these lighties are not doing school, like they should be, if they sneeze, send them packing, and don’t come too close, while you sitting on the peak. 😂

  3. Alan
    19 March, 2020 at 10:47 pm · Reply

    Far less chance of infecting or getting infected at backline than anywhere else in the world except the Sahara Desert.

  4. Hit it
    20 March, 2020 at 12:22 pm · Reply

    Hold on hold on ….just heard they have POSTPONED the fucking universe!

    Just in…….an upgraded COVID-20 is about to rip land lovers a new asshole.

    Notice on office door-” Do not want a new asshole gone surfing”.
    (Sorry for those folk that died btw)

  5. Rudi
    23 March, 2020 at 3:26 pm · Reply

    Deon, Jon and Bruce – go do some real research on just how this virus works to use your own immune system against you.
    As for the article and Alan – 100%. I went surfing on Saturday and the life-guards tried to chase the surfers out of the water while all the restaurants on the beachfront (except one) were open for business and packed with people.

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