12 May, 2018 12 May, 2018

Surfer Injured by Shark at Nahoon Reef

During a midday surf at Nahoon Reef today (Saturday, 12 May 2018), an East London surfer was struck from below by a shark and sustained minor injuries. Eye witnesses report that the man was paddling just past Pinnacle, when he was launched almost a metre in the air out in the packed line-up. 

Luckily his board took the brunt of the damage from the impact, with the rider, who would prefer to remain anonymous, receiving just a few minor cuts on his right side.

Bathers and surfers have been encouraged not to enter the water as a precautionary measure for the time being.

Bite marks on the board will be examined by experts to determine the species and the length of the shark involved in the encounter.

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