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Surf Ninja – Rudi Breuninger

Hailing from Cape Town’s deep South, Rudi Breuninger is that sneaky surf ninja you see popping out of tubes that have seemingly shut down long ago. He started out sweeping floors fourteen years ago at a joinery, Interjoin, before working his way up the rankings into a career as a draughtsman, producing technical drawings for production. 

“He’s a frother,” said Cape Town photog, Samuel Tomé. “He’s a relaxed and friendly dude who will surf twice a day no matter what, even if he’s injured. He’s unbelievable in the barrel!”

Joining our rank of underground rippers, meet Rudi Breuninger, our latest surf ninja…


© Samuel Tomé


Name: Rudi Breuninger

Age: 32

Local Spot: Scarborough

Best thing about surfing? Its soul fulfilling, being able to unleash your energy on a wave. And being ragdolled lets you know exactly what you’re made of!

Worst thing about surfing? Kooks and rotator cuff injuries. 


© Eugene Van Der Elst


To make a living I…? Work for a joinery, doing draughting and coding for CNC machines.

Three tracks/songs that help you shred?

HedPE – Renegade
Flaw – Out of Whack
Slightly Stoopid – Closer to the Sun

Best surfer in the world right now? John John Florence. 


© Samuel Tomé


Dawnie or arvo sesh? Both, and an evening surf if the sun is still up.

Which surf spot do you have to surf before you die? Skeleton bay

When you are not surfing, you can be found where? Chilling in the hometown shire having a few brews with the bras and pretty ladies.


© Samuel Tomé


Biggest fear? Inland living.

Best surfing memory? 

Air dropping  into a gnarly cavern at Underwater for several seconds and racing to be spat out on the tips of my toes. Then trying to do it again on the next set wave only to say a good physical hello to the reef.


Check this epic ‘Did He Make It?’  sequence of Rudi that Zag ran a little while ago…

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