17 February, 2017 17 February, 2017

Surf Ninja – Hercules Venter

He’s the Eastern Cape’s cow milking, surfboard shaping, dreadlocked shredder. And judging by these epic images that landed in our inbox, he is more than worthy of joining our rank of underground rippers. Meet Hercules Venter, our latest Surf Ninja.
Name: Hercules Venter
Age: 29
Local Spot: Boknesstrand or East Beach, Port Alfred
Best thing about surfing?
Surfing is magic – riding liquid on a self shaped board echoes of cosmic energy.
Worst thing about surfing? 
Long hold down’s and bad vibes in the water.
To make a living I…? Milk cows and occasionally shape boards.
Three tracks/songs that help you shred?
1) Ratatat – Neckbrace 
2) Django Django – Default  
3) Juan Maclean – a place called space
Best surfer in the world right now?
D D D Daaaane Reynolds
Dawnie or Arvo sesh?
Arvo, I have to milk cows at 5:30 every morning.
Which surf spot do you have to surf before you die?
That long barreling righthand sandbar in Mexico called la Jolla,or that one in Morocco,or the one in that Vans ‘Get’N Classic’ film. I guess any barreling sandbar will do. Did I mention Angola?
When you are not surfing, you can be found where?
On the farm wearing khaki’s.
Biggest fear?
Paddling out at some sketchy new spot.
Best surfing memory?
A trip I did with my mate Daniel Paterson last year May, we went to Rote and scored one of those big swells that hit Indo. It was just the two of us and maybe three or four other humans getting barreled wave after wave for a week straight!
Images By: Frederico Vanno

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