9 March, 2017 9 March, 2017

Surf Ninja – Grant Beck

Billabong SA events and team manager, Grant Beck could probably take out a few of his team riders in competition. When he isn’t working, he can be found charging Supers when there is swell or hanging out behind the lens capturing epic pics or compiling footage for his next creative edit. Be it on a longboard or a shortboard, the goofy foot shreds hard and is well deserving of a spot on our rank of underground rippers. Meet our latest surf ninja, Mr. Beck! 

Name: Grant Beck
Age: 25
Local Spot: Cape st Francis

Best thing about surfing?
It feels good for my soul ☺


Worst thing about surfing?
Ear Infections and brain freeze (in the cold water of course)

To make a living I…?
am the Team and Events Manager for Billabong South Africa

Three tracks/songs that help you shred?
• Skeleton Coast – The Beach
• Los Tones – Cant get enough
• Led Zeppelin – Ramble on

Best surfer in the world right now?
Can I choose 2 please? Mickey Wright and Ryan Callinan

Dawnie or Arvo sesh?


Which surf spot do you have to surf before you die?
G-Land, Indonesia

When you are not surfing, you can be found where?
Behind my Canon 7D filming or taking photo’s

Biggest fear?
Spiders and Gangsters

Best surfing memory?
Surfing pretty much perfect donkey bay in Namibia and getting absolutely pumped out at Dungeons – wooo

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  1. Name (required)clive
    11 March, 2018 at 9:59 pm · Reply

    Yeah Grant ya Ripper! Make it rain bru! TS

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